Customized Nutritional Programs

Whether it’s feedlot operations, ranch enterprises, or even wildlife management efforts, AC Nutrition’s highly qualified consultants can help you develop a quality, customized nutritional program to meet the year-round needs of the animals in your operation.


Spend Less. Get More. There is a marked difference between buying a product and a customized nutritional program. Our trained consultants use the tools listed below to construct customized, year around programs which maximize return on investment on a ranch specific basis.

Our Toolbox

  • On-site ranch assessment
  • Water and forage analysis
  • Fecal assays for parasite load
  • Full line of Nutritional Concentrates and Feed Products
  • Management to reduce commercial feed purchases
  • Recommendations on specific nutrition for different animal types
  • Custom Products if needed
  • Access to Doctor of Nutrition if needed
  • Constant pressure on getting more from less through innovation
  • Supplementation philosophy


Trophy Maker Mineral/Protein/Energy Programs are constructed with several product options selected based upon desired production outcome and management system. All ingredients are highly scrutinized to arrive at nutritional packages that are of the highest quality. The goal of our consultants is to apply nutrition that is synchronized with management and genetic potential.

Our Toolbox

  • On-site willdlife assessment
  • Full-time wildlife consultant
  • Water and forage analysis
  • Fecal assays for parasite load
  • Product placement and on-site wildlife management consulting
  • High fence ranch programs
  • Recreational land owner programs
  • Breeder facility
  • On site wildlife management consulting
  • Industry proven Trophy Maker and other Game and Wildlife Products
  • Custom formulations if needed


Exceptional Service and Nutrition = Exceptional Performance. Our trained consultants use the tools listed below to construct nutritional programs tailored to specific management, facilities, and goals which maximize return on investment for a specific feedlot.

Our Toolbox

  • Management and resource evaluation including feedstuffs, facilities, and equipment
  • Advanced degree nutritionists on staff
  • Value assessment and lab analysis of current and alternative feedstuffs
  • Diet formulation
  • Performance projections
  • Custom supplements designed to fill nutrient gaps in diets
  • Proprietary feedlot products and supplements
  • Access to risk management services
  • Consistent on-site visits for evaluation of program performance