Pasture Plus+ Hi-Mag Mineral


(Mineral supplement for beef cattle on lush green pasture)

With “Water Shed” Technology
“Helps Keep Mineral Dry”



Guaranteed Analysis
Calcium Min 12.00%, Manganese Min 3,000 ppm, Calcium Max 14.00%, Copper Min 885 ppm, Phosphorus Min 2.00%, Cobalt Min 17 ppm, Salt Min 16.00%, Iodine Min 150 ppm, Salt Max 20.50%, Selenium Min 20 ppm, Magnesium Min 12.00%, Vitamin A Min 110,000 IU/lb, Potassium Min 0.50%, Zinc Min 3,100 ppm

Product Description
Pasture Plus Hi Mag Mineral is designed to provide cattle with magnesium, calcium, trace minerals and Vitamin A. If should be fed to cattle while on lush green pastures such as wheat, oats, or rye, or immature native spring pastures. “Water Shed” technology is included to help product resist moisture.

Feeding Directions
Feed free choice to cattle on pasture in covered feeders or shelters. Cattle should consume a minimum of 2 ozs daily. Consumption of 4 ozs per head per day is ideal. Do not feed any other souce of salt to animals to insure proper consumption. If overconsumption is occurring add more salt to the mineral or offer salt free choice separately.

Normally this product should be the only source of salt offered when feeding this mineral. Do not offer any other mineral supplement when feeding this product.


  • DO NOT feed to sheep.

Manufactured By
AC Nutrition, LP
P.O. Box 2365
Roswell, New Mexico 88202

50 Lbs Net Wt., 22.7 kg Net Wt.