Tech-Master Complete Mineral


(Maximum nutrition for beef & dairy cattle, goats & deer)

With “Water Shed” Technology
“Helps Keep Mineral Dry”



Guaranteed Analysis
Calcium Min 12.00%, Manganese Min 7,000 ppm, Calcium Max 14.00%, Copper Min 2,000 ppm, Phosphorus Min 8.00%, Cobalt Min 35 ppm, Salt Min 10.00%, Iodine Min 300 ppm, Salt Max 12.00%, Selenium Min 25 ppm, Magnesium Min 2.00%, Vitamin A Min 270,000 IU/lb, Potassium Min 1.25%, Vitamin D Min 27,000 IU/lb, Zinc Min 6,300 ppm, Vitamin E Min 540 IU/lb

Product Description
Tech-Master Complete Mineral is a highly fortified carefully balanced supplement that provides calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and patented amino acid chelated trace minerals as well as micronutrients from seaweed meal (kelp) plus prebiotic and probiotic microbial digestive catalysts.

Feeding Directions
Offer free-choice continuously in a mineral feeder to animals on pastrue. Cattle should consume 2–4 oz daily. Goats and deer should consume 0.5–1 oz daily. Offer clean, fresh water and roughage at all times.


  • This product contains added copper. Do Not Use in feeds for Sheep.
  • Follow Label Directions. The addition of higher levels of selenium to feeds containing this product is not permitted.

Manufactured By
AC Nutrition, LP
P.O. Box 2365
Roswell, New Mexico 88202